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Make a Payment

To make a payment over the phone call: 1-877-885-7968


We accept cash or check in our office. You can also mail your check or leave it in our outside drop-box located at the south side of the building. Or you may choose to use your banks bill pay option.  

Payments by credit card, debit card, electronic check or savings are handled through Payment Service Network. Using PSN you can pay immediately, schedule a payment, set up Auto-Pay for the amount of your bill or set up to pay a budgeted amount.

To pay by phone with PSN dial 1-877-885-7968

To pay using your smart phone or tablet. Download "PSN Payments" from the App Store® or Google Play™. You will need to register online at PSN before using the App.

Payment Service Network collects convenience fees for payment transactions: 

  • A $1.00 fee is added for checking and savings payments;
  • 2.75% (+ 50¢ if under $100) is added for credit and debit card payments.

What to expect when you visit Payment Service Network to register for the first time.

If you need assistance or have questions about paying electronically, please call PSN customer service at 866-917-7368.  If you have questions regarding your bill, please call Waverly Sanitary District at 920-731-0002.

Payment Service Network has been certified as maintaining the highest level of security as required by the credit card industry.


Customers who use PSN to make payments to both Waverly Sanitary District and Menasha Utilities need to use Waverly's link to PSN when setting up your Waverly account for the first time.

Then only process payments to us when you are logged into your account that is specific to Waverly Sanitary District.

We are separate utilities and you will need to be logged into the corresponding account when making your payments.

If you have questions regarding this or need help setting up your account please call PSN customer service at 866-917-7368.