Notice of Semi-Annual Water Main and Hydrant Flushing

Harrison Utilities's semi-annual flushing program will begin October 15 and continue through October 26. Water main and hydrant flushing will be done during the hours of 7:00am - 3:30pm.

Flushing will remove most of the natural minerals such as iron that are harmless but will discolor water.

If you see our personnel working in your area, use little or no water for an hour to ensure the water has settled down and any discoloration is not drawn into your water system. If you find discoloration in your water system, stop using water and wait an hour, then draw off the discolored water through a cold water tap. Do not do laundry during the recommended waiting period or until your water runs clear again.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Annual Water Quality Report

View a copy of our 2017 Annual Water Quality report here

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